Changes to email accounts? Service unavailable

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Something had changed with the email server. The last email I received from my email account was Dec 3, 2023 - I've been unable to login via IMAP and the interface for webmail now defaults to the main spectrum page,, and only allows for me to login on my main email account, the one associated with the billing.

I can login with the main billing account associated email from the site, but my other email account reports the following:

Error message "The info you entered doesn't match our records. Please try again or select Forgot Username or Password. IDID-3104."

Its the same login I've used for years, why is it broken - even on the webmail?

It would seem fair and reasonable that there would be something advising what has changed to be made available to us, versus just cutting off access without providing some sort of explanation/advice on what was done.



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    Hello @loadconnector

    Welcome to our community! Typically that error is an issue with the username or password, whether it's a wrong password or if the password needs to be reset. Have you tried resetting the password yet?

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