Does the Xumo have Dolby Digital surround audio on live broadcast TV?

rlovejoy76 Posts: 2 Newcomer

My Roku Spectrum TV app only outputs stereo. Does Xumo access a different Spectrum stream with Dolby Digital audio?

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  • William_M
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    Hi @rlovejoy76. Unfortunately the Spectrum TV app still only has stereo audio, Xumo included. We thank you for providing your feedback about this.


  • scobsa
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    I can't understand this. Spectrum is trying to dump all their hardware (receivers, DVRs, CableCards) and have everyone stream and yet their replacements (Xumo and the Spectrum app) cannot do simple surround sound. It is 2024. How hard can it be?

  • sidhin
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    I agree with @scobsa . I have a 5.1 AVR and like my surround sound. On Roku the Spectrum app is only Stereo. Was just on the phone with Spectrum tech support and they confirmed the Spectrum app on Xumo is only Stereo because they would have to pay a fee to Dolby for the audio rights. Perhaps that is also the reason for Stereo only on Roku. Confirmed that the Xumo box is a joint venture between Charter and Comcast it would seem that the nation's two dominate cable companies could work this out with Dolby if that is the real issue? Was hoping to switch out my STB's for Xumo but will not until they stream surround sound. @William_M is there a possibility of a future upgrade? I can't believe everyone else has ditched there AVR's for a soundbar?

  • sidhin
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    So, for you audiophiles out there with a home theater powered by a AVR this post may be of interest. The only way it appeared to find out how well the Xumo might replace a STB was to order one. I have the DVR STB in my home theater setup and then STB’s in the master bedroom and 2 guest rooms. Decided I would trade out one of the STB’s for a Xumo and try it out with the AVR and if it went well, I would switch all. It did not.

    If you have a TV and are okay with TV sound or maybe a soundbar you will love the Xumo box. But if you have a surround sound set up you will be disappointed. The Xumo box does support 4K and most all Dolby formats. However, the Spectrum app only supports stereo on all channels. On my Roku using the Spectrum app I can get fake surround sound by switching to Dolby PL II or DTS Neo:6. The Xumo blocks you from changing the format. Only plus is that Netflix, Max, Prime, etc. do steam Dolby formats. My AVR is older and not 4K but on the apps will produce Dolby Digital + and the Spectrum app shows 1080p verse 1080i on the STB. All this might be acceptable based on cost savings alone, but my deal breaker was the remote. Although paired with my TV and AVR the remote will not turn everything on and off or at least not in sync. Even my regular Spectrum remote can accomplish that. Furthermore, when Comcast tries to switch out Xfinity X1 customers to the Xumo box they will also be disappointed.

    Dear Charter and Comcast, please get these issues worked out.