Email sent to "me" is being bounced.

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I'm asking for another one of your customers on this.

They are subscribed to a daily email newsletter sent out by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( The PD's staff can see the email is bouncing with the error message:

5.1.0 <> sender rejected. Please see for more information. AUP#In-1310

But they can't identify the issue since the web page no longer appears to exist.

That error message is coming from the spectrum email servers... What does it mean?

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    Hey @gadgeteer, welcome to our community!

    1300 errors read "Spectrum limits the number of concurrent connections from a sender, as well as the total number of connections allowed. Limits vary based on the reputation of the IP address. Reduce your number of connections and try again later." It is a problem with the senders IP typically caused by excessive mail volume, concurrent connections, recipients marking the emails as spam, etc.


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