Why am I still paying for a Cable Card when I haven't used a Cable card device in over three years?

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I switched to my current TV plan on 9/26/20, at which time I was sent a cable card. I don't ever remember receiving or using the cable card because I only stream from my Apple TV. After 3+ years I am still paying $6.00/month for the use of a cable card, even though I still only stream from the Spectrum App on my Apple TV. My understanding is that Spectrum discontinued the use of these cards in June of 2022. Since that time I have continued to pay for this card, though I don't use it. I have been told that I cannot recoup any of the cost of me paying for this card, even though I don't use it. Can someone help me understand why? I am at the point where I am ready to ditch Spectrum TV.

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    Hello @mnorton413

    Welcome to our community! I apologize for any confusion. When equipment is requested from us, we do not track if or how often that equipment is used. There are a variety of reasons why a customer may have equipment in the home that isn't in use, but if we are not advised that the equipment isn't in use and needs to be removed, it isn't something that would flag in our system.


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    I also don't even possess a device that would use a cable card. I turned this back in to the Spectrum office when I started streaming, early 2020, long before I began paying for the cable card.

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