Why do I get a black blank screen when I turn on the set after it's been off for a few hours?

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There was a service issue here this week (Albany, NY). Although it was reported that the problem had been cleared, when I turn on the set after it's been off for a while, there a black screen (no audio or video). However, if I change the channel, the reception returns. I have a Cisco cable box.


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    Try an online reboot of the cable box first, (Go to My Account/TV/ Manually Reset my box) than, after the set has been off for several hours, check to see that it is fixed by turning the set back on again after the amount of time that this issue happens.

    When you do the online reboot, have everything off.

    If the problem comes back, Spectrum would have to send out a tech to check if there is something with your line or signal that is not holding after a certain amount of hours. Two questions:

    1.) After how many hours of box/TV off time does the blank screen issue happen?

    2.) Did this problem start before or after the maintenance was performed in your area?


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    Hello @deedleann824

    Sorry to hear that you're having issues with the TV, I am happy to assist! Have you tried rebooting the cable box?

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    It was okay today. I hope it continues. Thanks for the suggestions.

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