What printer works well with Spectrum’s picky router?

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Since the Spectrum equipment upgrade, my ability to print using my home networked HP5258 printer as been an increasing problem. I have had to constantly unplug and it would usually work but that has stopped. So I called Geek Squad who identified the problem. The dual router has a problem connecting to my 2.4ghz printer. Although my other HP printer does not have issues using the 5ghz. However, it does mess up the ability to print from the other HP computer. So I have to unplug the printer to get them connected again.

So I call Spectrum as suggested. Tech support acknowledged the router issue with HP printers, as he mentioned another router or printer might be a solution. In researching it sounds likes this new Spectrum ‘dual’ router has problems with many 2.4ghz printers. That changing the router has more costly an have security challenges.

I would like to know what 2.4ghz printer stayed consistently ‘Online’ when testing/qualifying the new dual router?

please advise, as I truly don’t know what to do avoid automatically bumped offline.


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    I was having the same issue with the dual router and my Epson wireless 3850 printer. Spectrum tech support said either buy my own router or a different printer. Forging ahead as this irritated me, the fix that worked for me was I uninstalled my printer and then reinstalled with the connection being a USB cable. Test printing worked fine. I then rebooted both my laptop and printer without the USB cable. The printer then worked wirelessly. Hope this works for others.

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