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When I am watching Spectrum live on any of our TVs (5 of them, all ROKU, some with sticks, some smart TVs), after about 30 minutes the screen goes black and asks if I still want to watch Spectrum TV. I click 'yes' and it goes back to the program - for about 5 minutes. Then it asks again. Again, I click 'yes' and it goes back to the program. After about 2 or 3 minutes, it does the same thing, only this time, it doesn't go back to the program, it just sits there! I switch to another app and watch something else.

I am a retired IT Systems Specialist and have done all the basics - reset the modem and the router, as those are the only items that would affect all of the TVs. It isn't the individual Roku, as all of them are doing it. It could be something with our local Spectrum, as we are in a rural area, Ionia Michigan, and Spectrum is our only ISP unless we go satellite. Our internet connection is via cable, but we do not have cable TV, just the internet app.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can't come up with anything else it could be in the house. I also can't see how it can be related to the connection outside. It seems it is something in the app's programming.

Thank you!



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    Good evening @merryannp1951 and Welcome to our Community Forums.

    Thank you for reaching out to us about the sleep mode for our streaming App. I appreciate you resetting the modem and router. How long ago did you do that? Also, have you attempted to uninstall the App and reinstall the App yet? -Lyn

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