What happens with calls that are "blocked," e.g. robo-callers, spammers, etc?

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I keep getting calls from various area codes and phone numbers. The phone rings once or twice, and the it goes to voice mail, but there's never a message. I have anonymous calls blocked, and I have the highest setting on call guard, or whatever it's called.

When one of these restricted calls comes in, what happens? Does the caller hear the recording about not accepting the call? Should my caller id indicate what type of call it is? I assumed that the restricted calls would be flagged. So far, according to the Spectrum website, I received just three calls that were blocked.

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    Good evening @Eapples

    Thank you for reaching out to us about anonymous call reject or call blocking. If there is information listed for the incoming call it would not be blocked by this feature. Any calls that are made using Anonymous calling features would be blocked from calling your number. You can learn more about blocking unwanted calls. Please let us know if you have any other questions. -Lyn


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    Thank you for your response. My problem is that I get several calls that show just a phone number or a location, but no name. If I let it go to voice mail, the called generally does not leave a message. None of the calls come up as spam or any other label. I guess that I'll just have to deal with it.🤬

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