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I'm running the Spectrum TV app on a Roku Ultra. I have an Inteset 422-4 universal remote that is set to control the Roku. I've programmed the number buttons to send the codes for the numbers to the Roku. The button presses seem to register, because the Roku's front LED flickers when I press them (as it does for other buttons), but the app doesn't respond to them. Is the app not programmed to recognize the numbers? If it recognizes number buttons on the Xumo, why not on other streaming devices?

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    Good evening @frazier67

    Thank you for contacting us about using a remote control to turn the channels using our App. Currently at this time this options is not available. We are always looking at ways to improve on our services and I will be sure to forward your feedback along for consideration. -Lyn


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    Take a look at this post on which categorically states:

    it doesn't matter what buttons a remote might have. If the device being controlled isn't programmed for it, the buttons will do nothing. Roku has not programmed their devices to recognize any button that isn't included in a normal Roku remote. 


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