Why are DVR Firmware Upgrades so frequent, and in prime time?

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There have been the three of these in the past week. Two during prime time programming, and one during an NFL playoff game. Not only do these upgrades interrupt viewing for up to 20 minutes, but all scheduled programs that were being recorded at the time, and any recorded program that was being watched at the time, are erased/lost. Why can't these firmware upgrades be less frequent and the timing of them controlled by the customer (like computer firmware and software upgrades), or at least scheduled to occur during overnight hours instead of during NFL playoff games and popular prime time television programs?

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    Welcome to the Community @Lighthouse42,

    Spectrum almost never does updates to the boxes in prime time. If this happened to you more than once, I would suspect that your box is going bad because it is trying to install a firmware update that keeps failing, That's the reason for the "frequent update." I would recommend a service call to get your signals and cable line checked out as well. (Get a tech out.) If your signals are bad, your line drop needs to be replaced or inside wiring. Box swaps won't solve bad signal issues. If the tech finds out from his signal reader that your signals are good, the box is bad and he will swap out the box.

    When you call, request a service visit for a signal and drop line test because your box keeps "updating" constantly.


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