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Let it be known that Spectrum has a good technician in Colin . And I hope I spelled his name correctly.

He helped on a job where we had slow speeds yet the line to the house said otherwise. He did what he could at first...but he left and CAME BACK. To our surprise, he came back with a replacement device that when installed, brought wi-fi speeds up to the normal 100-120 mbps range.

Most techs would have just left and called it a day. On to the next. But not Colin. He doesn't seem to leave a job unfinished.

That says something. Here's to Colin. And THANK YOU for your (cable) service.



Customer. A happy one. 🙂


  • James_M
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    Hi & Welcome!

    Thanks for the awesome feedback and kind words. Our goal is for you to be thrilled with your services and it sounds like we are hitting the mark. We will definitely forward your feedback about Colin to him and his manager.

    Let us know if ever have questions about your services or need help with an issue!

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