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I have the same problem many others have reported in detail. Here is the archived, locked thread. There was never a fix:

People are still recomending so called fixes. The problem is not your TV, not your App, and not your cable box (Unless it is because they no longer offer the Cisco box). The current Spectrum boxes are a downgrade from the previous boxes.

After 3 service calls, 3 cable boxes still have the issue.

Does Spectrum have a fix, or do they plan to continue to run off their customers?

I have 2 cell phones, land line, cable, and internet. 

If there is NO FIX how do I get a discount?

Please escalate and call me.

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    I do not use the app. It is with the cable box. All Channels. I have swapped the box twice. The current box is a Spectrum 100-H, the first replacement was a 200-H... Today it is a little better. I recall the older Cisco box worked fine and I was able to control view the recordings via the guide on my laptop.

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    Thanks. Restarting the cable box should resolve most issues. If the issue continues, you may need to replace the cable box.

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