Email not delivered to any account outside of charter

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if I sent an email to Gmail, outlook or Hotmail or any other provider the email never reaches the recipient (reached out to tech support over the phone and after 2+ hrs., they keep blaming the recipient company), in other words its not charter issue, I'm using charter's online email service.

I can receive email with an small delay of about 5 to 20 minutes (random time)

any idea how can i fix this issue.

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  • William_M
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    Hey there @Raybrito.

    Are you trying to send email through a 3rd party mail client? Can you test webmail?


  • Raybrito
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    Using web mail, not a third party software yet

  • James_M
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    Looks like this is related to a business email address, since I am not seeing a standard email assigned.

    Email issues are often due to an error in the configuration or set up. You can visit our Spectrum Business Support Hub for guidelines and online support.

    Since this Community does not have access to Spectrum hosted email services, we recommend contacting Business Support at 1-844-493-4458 for direct support.

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