Why am I buying billed for spectrum voice?

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I'm being billed for voice, but I don't use it.


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    Welcome @Vince_Roseborough04

    When you sign up for packages, sometimes you have the option to save money by bundling services. (Like $5.00 off for bundling two services) $10.00 off for three services.) If you never ever use Voice, you could drop it, but you could lose that discount if Voice Service is bundled on your bill.

    Do you have Spectrum Voice hooked up to a landline phone and don't use it? Or do you not even have a landline phone anymore and don't use it? If you have phone equipment and it's in a bundle, personally, I would keep your Voice Service. However, if you don't have a landline phone at all and you are being billed, than I would drop voice.


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