Problem Pushing 2.4G to Smart Outlets

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We have been using the RAC2V2S up until today when we received the SAC2V2S router. With this router pushing both 2.4G and 5G out using the same name without being able to differentiate them somehow, when you have to push the WiFi connection from your phone to the smart outlet and your phone is on the 5G, the device is unable to connect because the phone only pushes what it's connected to.

At this point, all of the smart outlets we are using, are unable to be controlled. We are contemplating just getting our own router or switching back to the old one.

In looking at the discussions with this router, this has been an ongoing issue of broadcasting both using the same name since at least 2020...going on almost 4 years.

What would be helpful would be to be able to temporarily disable the 5G broadcast so devices needing the 2.4G can be easily connected.

Is there a way to just broadcast the 2.4G for short time?


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    Good evening @chuckjody and Welcome to Community Forums,

    Thank you for reaching out to us about your Advanced Wireless system. We have an option that is called Device Steering. This will allow you to set up your Smart Device Apps and will provide you with access to those devices with our WiFi system. We have to turn this on for you and it will last an hour so that you can set up your smart devices and Apps. Once they are set up the App should continue to connect to the 2.4G network so that you have access those devices. Please let us know if you would like to do this. -Lyn


  • chuckjody
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    Would I have to contact you every time I added another device in the future? If that's the case, that'll be a royal pain. It would be so much easier if it could be done through the app, even if it would have a timed restriction of 1 hour per session. At least then I could do things at my convenience instead of having to coordinate it with Spectrum.

  • Lyn_T
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    Hi @chuckjody

    Yes, we have to activate this from the office each time you add a new smart device but this will only be required when you are setting up a new device. Once set up the Apps for those devices should automatically connect to the 2.4G. Hope this helps! - Lyn

  • chuckjody
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    You've provided the explanation needed. Is the method of having to contact you each time helpful? Not in the least. Especially since now it becomes a coordinated effort. Who do I contact to do this should I decide not to get my own wireless router?

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    This can be done by calling in to 855-707-7328, through the chat online in the My Spectrum app or our website, or through social media on Twitter/X, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • chuckjody
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    Yes. However, it shouldn't be as difficult as you're making it. Is this process published anywhere or does everyone have to fumble through like I did to find this information out?

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    You can find more information at this link: Self-Installation of Spectrum Internet With Advanced WiFi 6 Router

    If you scroll to the bottom, there are also additional related articles that may be useful. Keep in mind you have the option to use your own router, which would give you the flexibility to manage your network to your specifications.

    We will pass along your suggestion to make device steering available through the app.


  • chuckjody
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    I had already gone through the self-install with the new router which is how I discovered the issue of not being able to get my smart outlets to connect. I was able to get my security cameras to connect, but the smart outlets just wouldn't connect after several attempts.

    I appreciate the passing along of my suggestion.