I want my DVR box back

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I was given this Xumo box today. It is a reverse of features that I am used to with the DVR cable box. I want my cable box back. Why would Spectrum issue and equipment that doesn't at least meet the current features that we had as customers. I can't pause live TV, I can't fast forward effectively through recorded commercials. Terrible !


  • jojodwolf
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    They just sent me the Worldbox... a newer DVR. Before it came I was afraid they were going to force Xumo on me. Not being able to pause TV when you pay for DVR service is a deal breaker. So far the Worldbox, at the moment has issues that make it inferior to my old Scientific Atlanta box. I cannot customize what channels appear when I surf. I pay for 35 channels but I have to scroll though 300 when changing the channel. This stuff is a no brainer when the old box did it for many many years. Tech support said, they hope to work on that.