Why were the channel numbers rearranged in the Spectrum TV App

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Turned tv on this am and ran up the Spectrum TV app and the channels have all different channel numbers starting at 16. This is on my Xumo but my Roku tv, another Roku and the app on my phone are all affected. Even running up the Spectrum site on my laptop, the channels numbers have been changed in the guide.


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    Hi and welcome!

    Power cycling the device(s) and modem usually resolves most issues. Please give this a try and let us know if the issue continues.



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    The rearranging of the channel numbers on all my devices using the Spectrum tv app and watching even Spectrum tv on my laptop with the same issue, rebooting the modem should have no affect. It didn't and neither did power cycling.

    Something was changed in app or Spectrum changed their channel lineup numbering. I turned in my DVR rcvr so I can't compare guides, which had been the same numbers for the previous ten years I had Spectrum.

    Not a big problem but why the change and whats the value added??

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