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I have have been with Spectrum cable/Internet for 5+ years. We have 2 DVRs (Arris 6 channel ones I think) one of which continually rebooted as of recent. Called Spectrum, they said the rebooting was due to maintenance however it continued the next day. Called back, told to unplug DVR; when I did I could only get an Error code. Scheduled service that same day. Techs came out (now 3 days ago), installed 2 "new" 4 channel, 1T DVRs (they insisted the DVR that was working had old hardware & should be replaced too) & left us with remotes with less functionality (no Aspect, No Live, no Favorite, no On Demand, no Auxillary DVR, VCR buttons) and no Clock Display. Search does not work for Live TV (it only searches On Demand) from both the Remote or from the Guide. Called Spectrum Rep. who said my Guide was incomplete & an engineer would be working on it via a ticket ...have heard nothing after 2½ days! I can not Search and Record a Series; I can only do it by manually finding the live program in the Guide & then Record the Series from there. And, I just got notice that Spectrum is raising the fee for DVRs by $1.50 each per month plus other increases amounting to $11/month. Called Spectrum again tonight for 4th time, Rep said our "new" DVRs are likely "broken" (the Guide is incomplete), that they are not "new" as I was told by the Tech but actually are used/refurbished, they are actually two different models with the same software (model 210 & 201) and he agreed the remote has much less functionality than my old one despite me now paying more. Was told that I should wait longer for a call from the engineer ...that will likely never come! The Lead tech that did the install was a trainer as he had a Trainee with him. He instructed me to ONLY turn off the TV & NOT the DVR too via the ALL button. However the Rep. I spoke to tonight said this instruction was wrong, as leaving the DVR on continuously uses more power & can lead to DVR failure. Who do you believe? I feel as though I am renting equipment (at a higher price now) that does not work correctly and even if it did, was not as good as my old equipment! And it's used/refurbished! But the Rep tonight added, I can always uninstall my DVRs & get my old styles DVRs back by going to a Spectrum store to return them & then reinstall The old style DVRs myself. Great! That's what you get for well over $200/month including my Internet fees. Spectrum keeps pushing a 'Cloud DVR' but users seem to complain about them & NONE of the 4 Reps/Techs I spoke too recently (nor ones I have spoken to previously) use them; instead choosing the 'physical' DVR option. Wonder what they know that they are not saying? If you are going to stream, look to YouTube TV ...everyone seems to like it and it's cheaper. HELP!

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    Hi @Huber, welcome to our community!

    I'm very sorry for the poor experience. Continuous rebooting could be caused by signal issues but is usually a sign of equipment failure, we haven't had 6 tuner DVRs for quite some time so yours were probably getting old and were due for replacement. We do refurbish and reuse equipment for as long as it is working correctly.

    You can visit Spectrum Guide Overview to learn how to navigate the guide with your new remote. If you do not like the Spectrum Guide remote which does not have those dedicated button you are used to, we do have a model URC-1060 remote which still does.

    As far as what to turn off, it comes down to personal preference. Leaving the cable receiver on will use more power and decrease its lifespan yes, but only by a tiny amount and may mean waiting longer to watch TV when you are turning it back on.

    When you select a show through search, do you see the options Record, Browse Episodes, Add to Watchlist? Have you tried multiple different shows including ones with episodes on Live TV soon?