Nighthawk CM2000 firmware update

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NETGEAR will not upgrade the firmware of our cable modems and you won't push updates to customer-owned modems. What are we to do as consumers? I may have to change services because your equipment does not work for my purposes and is awful and you refuse to push important updates to my equipment. My equipment would work way better with your system if you get it to a newer firmware but so far it is just roadblock after roadblock for no reason. Honestly this is just BS to get us to use your crappie equipment.


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    Hi @TimLathen,

    It will take much, much longer for rented modem updates compared to customer modem updates in all cases because the number of people and states affected by a rental update can be up to five times as large as the customer owned modem. There's tons more development and testing involved. There are also instances where updates can break things, especially with more customers affected. Your always free to use your own modem, Check with Spectrum to make sure that your modem is on the approved list first. They have a list of customer approved modems. The modem that Spectrum provides is free. There is a charge to rent a WIFI router.

    Can you tell us more about what is happening with the modem? Regular disconnects? Do they happen at a certain time, or randomly? How old is the modem? When was your last service call to check your cable lines, wiring and signals? Any bad weather or power outages within the last several months? All Spectrum equipment and Spectrum related network troubleshoot calls are free. They can't touch your own equipment. But even if you have your own equipment you can request a signal and drop line test. If your signals and lines are bad, a new modem, owned or rented, won't do anything. If you have not done this for awhile, get a tech out to check your signals and lines. You can also set up signal monitoring on your rented Spectrum equipment.


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    Stupid comment: i can’t find anything from any DOCSIS modem OEM or ISP to suggest that there’s anything wrong with the firmware that the ISP has tested and approved and is contemporaneously pushing to any DOCSIS modem approved by the ISP, or that any other firmware version would improve said modem’s performance on said ISP’s network. 

    Furthermore, no common vulnerabilities or exposures have ever been catalogued for the CM2000.


    Also, in case it’s relevant, there isn’t any firmware available to provide nighthawk app support for the CM2000. 


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