Format change on my 201 DVR?

jboscoe Posts: 4 Spectator
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my dvr recordings list format has changed and so hadmy tv guide is this intentional or is it a glitch

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  • William_M
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    Hi @jboscoe, welcome to our community!

    Any changes are most likely intentional, we are always working on improving our services. Are you having any problem with new format or do you have any feedback on the changes?


  • jboscoe
    jboscoe Posts: 4 Spectator

    My issue was the guide would show up on my tv screen with more than one or 2 lines. That is what i miss. Also the DVR interface will not show me more than a couple recordings but does not show me what i have watched. Is there a way to correct that or do i have no choice but to not be able to view my recordings in there entirety. Thanks In Advance

  • jboscoe
    jboscoe Posts: 4 Spectator

    I meant to thank you Mr. William. Also is there any larger harddrive options to be able to hold more recordings or can i archive them on an external drive and still use the dvr without any logistics? Yes i understand the encryptions designed into there product. Once again thanks in advance. Take care and God Bless