Xumo remote cursor moves twice in Spectrum app guide

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Out of the box my Xumo remote was in IR (line of sight) mode. The cursor (up, down, left, right) would move two spaces instead of one in the Spectrum app guide, and previous channel (when you down arrow). This is important because I use a universal remote to control my extensive audio and video equipment. I "teach" the Xumo commands to my remote and to no surprise it also does the double space move. This is regardless of how long or short a button press.

Note none of this occurs when on the Xumo Home screen, or on other apps. This is Spectrum app only.

Interestingly, when I pair the Xumo remote to the box (Bluetooth) it does not do this. Has anyone else found this to be true? Can one of the moderators try to recreate this on their box? Box shows Build Version QS024.007.00P and Remote Firmware 6001.2.4 This likely needs to be referred to the app engineering department.


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    Hello @AndyB

    Welcome to Community Forums! Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the Xumo and your remote. Have you tried rebooting your Xumo device?

  • AndyB
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    Yes, of course. That is the generic first thing to try. I hope someone will chime in who can recreate the issue on theirs.

    An unrelated item I would like to share which may save others some grief. In the beginning the Xumo box was restricting some Spectrum channels with a pop-up banner "you must be connected to your home internet to view this channel", which I was. Spectrum "streaming tech support" could not figure it out and in giving up said "go ahead and replace your modem". Since I was leaving to return the old cable box anyway, it wasn't a problem and the store swapped it out.

    That solved it and now all channels display. My two-year-old modem wasn't passing the flag to the Xumo telling it I was connected to my Spectrum internet. The modem looked the same, however a different build version. The store mentioned "we suggest you replace your modem every two years, so this is probably the problem".

    Really? Maybe when ordering a Xumo the rep should automatically check the customers modem age/version.

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    Thanks for the information. We are not seeing other similar issues with other users, but we will pass along your feedback to Xumo and TV app teams.

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