Why is the Picture quality on spectrum app blurry often?


I've noticed allot of users in this forum have experienced the same problem that I have been experiencing. The spectrum TV app constantly goes blurry. My Internet speed is pretty consistent. All the other apps work fine. I'm fact I still have access to YouTube TV for a few more days and it's clear as a bell. It has to be the spectrum app itself because it's the only app that goes blurry. Has there been any progress in fixing this issue?

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  • Renee_T
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    Hello @Coachkhutch_3217

    Welcome to our community! Our app would interact with your modem a bit differently that something like YouTube TV, so it is more prone to showing internet issues. I took a look at your account using your community registration and I am seeing that the modem is logging quite a few errors that may be causing the bitrate issues and blurring. If you reboot the modem and router, do you see any change in the blurring?

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