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I'm on gigabit service i should be getting 30-40m upload.. I do a lot of the time, but it likes to just randomly cut out, or bog down to a crawl, then my outgoing video streams and gaming would lag or buffer badly, then be fine a few min later.

I've been through several techs, including a tier2 and a supervisor. Both of them found issues at the tap and said there would be a maintenance ticket put in. I've called them directly but no new action seems to have been taken as problem is still here. This has been going on for months, I'd switch providers if there were any others with the capacity I need. Twitch recommends 6000kbps, but even if I'm running at 4 it still has issues. It's not their servers either, happens no matter which one I choose.

Is there someone else I can reach out to???

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    Hi @HarleyR

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry for the ongoing trouble with your internet. I was able to locate your account and I do see two repair appointments last month that found problems with loose connections and issues at the tap but they indicate those issues were resolved and good signals were verified. I was able to run a speed test on your modem and got 40 Mb/s upload, but I understand the issue is intermittent which can make it hard to narrow down the cause of the issue and to know if any one repair resolved the problem.

    Please use the Spectrum Speedtest or Speedtest.net rather than Testmy. Make sure to test using a device connected with an ethernet cable if possible. If the issue persists I recommend scheduling another appointment, repeat appointments are automatically escalated but make sure to follow up with us as soon as possible as it only looks for appointments scheduled in the past 30 days. You can call 1-855-707-7328​​​ to set that up or we can reach out in a private message.


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    An important thing to note about testmy... the tests are not necessarily "local". You are hitting places like Dallas, Miami, LA, NY... I use it as well, but only as a comparison for testing against the more local nodes I am able to chose through speedtest.net.

    I test multiple sites like this because sometimes the slowdowns are more from congestion along a route and not a localized issue... it helps to flush such scenarios out.

    Helps to also run some traces or pathpings as well to see where things may be bogging down enroute (areas around and through Texas, Southern Cali, South Florida, and Seattle are notorious for bogging down periodically, especially during more prime times).

    When it has been "in my backyard", I have found a lot of the times when things become unreliable, barring the obvious things like loose connections or outright severed lines, it basically boils down to just a few things:

    when the ground plane has been compromised

    Water has gotten into the lines

    Extreme swings in temperature

    So there are a few things you can try ruling out.

    Check around corners/furniture/appliances/etc. where cabling may get crimped or have sharp bends. There should be no bends sharper than what you may get wrapping around a 2-liter soda bottle.

    If the shielding/internal insulation is compromised, it can lead to malformed waves in the signal--it is imperative the radio signal is maintained within strict tolerances for resistance and wavelength within the coaxial tubular antenna.

    Which leads to the water and fluctuating temperature angle. These things can REALLY knacker things up. Running through standing water or direct exposure to the sun and other weather elements can cause really weird behavior. Temperature shifts lead to resistance shifts.

    Where it is applicapable, make sure the line remains buried from the pedastal to the point of demarcation/into your home... not run up the outer wall of the home directly exposed to the sun and such, not coiled up where it may wind up in a rain puddle or in the run off from the AC units, etc.

    If you notice a more direct link to weather patterns... it may be worth taking a look at the pedastal outside. If it does not appear to be sealed well, looks cock-eyed or like someone has tampered with it-- the maintenance team (possibly even theft team) may need to get more directly involved.

    Last but not least... it is in fact OFTEN overlooked...

    Make sure there are no unterminated cable outlets/cables in the home. Any live cable needs to have either a device or a terminating cap on it to help keep stray signal issues from adding noise to the line.

    Many markets use frequencies close to or actually in line with various wireless devices/services in and around our homes. An unterminated line can basicaly become a micro antenna for stray signal leakage and ingress.

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    do you see any maintenance trouble tickets in the system ? The supervisor who came out a couple weeks ago saw the same issues at the tap and said he'd put one in.

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