How can I provide suggestions and feedback???

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I have looked longer than I should need to for ways to provide suggestions and feedback to Spectrum with no success. I'm hoping someone in this discussion can provide suggestions.


  • Ability to provide agent feedback after Chat session. Instead, the chat just ends. No feedback enabled to let Spectrum know how the session went.
  • Update app/website/process flow to enable rescheduling/canceling of an install appointment. Neither of these show up for me on app and website (tried several browsers so not cache). This doesn't show for me at all. One agent mentioned it would only show up on the day of my appt. Another mentioned it may not show up until after I'm fully installed. In either case, this is broken. For the first, why would you not make this available when someone creates their account? Even add the option to create an appointment. For the latter, why would this only be limited to the date of installation? It would seem both would enable Spectrum to be more efficient and keep the schedule tight. Lastly, why not provide the agents with a runbook or escalation path to investigate the issue?
  • Ability to email feedback/suggestions. This is not under Contact Us or anywhere else I could find.
  • Provide website feedback. Same as above
  • Provide app feedback. Same as above except also add in-app capability.
  • Enable the ability to change my own security code. In-app and web.
  • Even in this forum, I see several customers wanting to ensure the incredible customer service is recognized and they are only left with leaving feedback here. Come on!

While the employees I contact by phone are eager to assist, there have been times when the processes or technology keep them from being successful. Personally, I prefer to self-serve when I can and only contact agents when there is no other option. 

Feel free to reach out Spectrum for more specifics if you value suggestions or feedback.




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    Hi & welcome @bberry7 !

    We appreciate the comments and feedback and this is definitely the right place to provide feedback. I was able to locate your account using your registration information and it looks like you have a new pending install. I will try to answer your questions, but please let us know if I missed something or if you want more information on a specific topic.

    • This is the right place to leave feedback. We can forward that feedback to right team or individual. You can also leave website feedback directly on our websites, instructions are below at the bottom.
    • At this time, email support is not offered by Spectrum.
    • Since you are a pending install, all account features are not available to you yet. All features will be available once you are fully installed.
    • Installation appointments require special attention. Agents need to check to see if the address is serviceable and when the address last had service. In some cases, upgraded cabling is needed to provide service, or the service requested. For these reasons, self service options are usually not available. As well, we have dedicated teams that complete installs and rescheduling an install requires calling in and speaking to an agent.
    • When you do reach out, either by phone or by chat, you will be offered a survey, usually within 24 hours. For new installations, it will usually happen after the installation and give you chance to summarize the entire experience.
    • You will be able to change your security code, once your account is installed and active.

    To provide website feedback:

    On, select "More" from the side bar, then "Leave Feedback"

    Or scroll to the bottom and select the "Send Feedback" option, here is an example:

    How to Pay Your Bill - Quick and Easy

    Hope this answers your questions. If I missed anything, let me know. This Community is staffed by employee moderators that are also members of our Social Media team and provide support on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes responses are delayed, but we will usually get back to you within 24 hours. We can answer most questions and can troubleshoot issues. Basically, anything except make changes to your account.

    Let us know if we can assist further and let us know how the rest of the install goes!

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