Cloud DVR Recordings Cut-Off Before the End

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For the last few weeks, almost all of our Cloud DVR recordings are being cut-off at any point during the recording. When I start watching a recording, I can pause and see the full hour of the show at the bottom. At some point while watching, the show will stop like it's at the end. If I tell the recording to resume, I'll rewind some and it now shows maybe only 47 minutes of recording time. Each time this happens, if I resume, the show will stop at the same point.

Last night, it happened again on my Samsung TV app. I then attempted the same show on a Ruku device along with the app on my phone. Using either app, the recording stops at the same point. In this case, the show stopped at the 5 minute mark.

Since these are cloud recordings, I doubt my home network would be the culprit. With that, I've rebooted the modem and router along with uninstalling the Samsung TV App but the issue keeps happening.


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    Good morning @thavil, welcome to our community!

    Rebooting modem actually can fix issues like that, but might not fix recordings retroactively. Have you had the problem with anything recorded after you did the reboot? Do you have a different device to test the app on, or a computer to go to, to see if the same thing occurs?

  • thavil
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    @William_M - Thanks for the response. New recordings are doing the same thing after rebooting the modem. Understand that the reboot would not fix recordings before the reboot.

    I have tested the same cut-off recording on a Samsung TV app (my main way to watch) and also on my Roku and they both cut-off in the same spot. Interesting though, I just tried the Spectrum app on my Google Pixel 7 (Android) and the same recording went past where the others cut-off.

    What's odd when this happens on my Samsung TV app, the scroll line at the bottom actually shows the cut-off time instead of the full 1 hour.

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    This is the same issue I reported 3 months ago for which I'm still waiting to be resolved, and level 2 failed to contact me. There seems to be no sense of urgency by Spectrum.

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    I also started having a similar issue with cloud recordings starting 15 to 45 minutes later depending on the show, even though it is set to record the proper time.

    Is Charter working on resolving this?

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    I have had Cloud DVR kick me out of watching playback in the middle of a show. No matter what you do the DVR goes back to the moment just before it fails... and then it fails by kicking me out of playback.

    The Cloud DVR has also missed episodes of shows set to record the series and where it was scheduled when I checked earlier.

    Often I watch from my office which has another provider's fiber service. I just measured my speed from Spectrum in Monterey Park at 569Mbps (My upload speed to you is 944Mbps). Yet most times when watching my Cloud DVR I get a terrible low res picture with heavy pixelization (sample attached)