How Can Spectrum Live TV start up full screen when Xumo powers on?

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The only reason to get Xumo is to reduce the cost of a cable box from $12.50 to $5 a month. This is for those elderly we are trying to help and still retain the ability to tune by channel. Unfortunately, the Xumo starts up each time with the Spectrum live tv channel minimized in a Now Playing row of other apps.

Spectrum should offer the setting to allow the Xumo to power on and show live tv full screen by default!

The Xumo is so cluttered and laggy compared to my Apple TV and Firestick Max. The only reason anyone should get Xumo is for the channel number pad on the remote.

The Apple TV is really a dream to use superior to all of them really. Why didn't Spectrum create a remote with a number pad for Apple TV? Just bad decision on their part. But the legacy of cable companies prevent that.