MyLibrary and DVR missing from Spectrum App on iPad

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I just subscribed to cloud DVR. I was testing it out, and was able to successfully schedule recordings, and watch them. When I came back to the app a few minutes later I had been logged out. So I logged in again, and now MyLibrary and the DVR is missing in the app. The only thing showing is Home, LiveTV, and On Demand. So where is My Library with the cloud DVR? What happened to it?

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    I think I figured it out. The app logged me into the wrong Spectrum account the second time.

    I have two Spectrum accounts. One for home, and one at the condo (Spectrum included in HOA). I set up cDVR on the home account, and it seemed to be working fine. Going back to the app and I had been logged out for some reason. Logging back in and it logged me into the condo account. Not sure how that happened, but logging into the correct account and all is well. Being at the condo while doing all this must have had something to do with it.


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    Hi @fje00, welcome to our community!

    I recommend reinstalling the app and rebooting your modem and router. If the issue persists would you be able to test this on another device, or on a computer at

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