Unable to Login to Spectrum "Out-of-Home" Public WiFi Hotspots - "Unable to Connect" Error

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I'm unable to connect to any of Spectrum's Out of Home Public Wifi Hotspots.

ID and Password works fine on the browser, but when I tried to enter the same information to connect to Spectrum's Out of Home Public Wifi Hotspots, it always give me the message, "Unable to Connect, Sorry, something didn't work quite right. Please try again".

I contacted via phone and chat but no luck after hours of getting passed around.

 I believe I need my home modem to be reprovisioned from the Spectrum's end.


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    Just f.y.i., that's only for Spectrum Mobile subscribers now. Visit the news and info section of your December billing statement (and/or November or January if needs be.)


    Edit: Supposed exception being 30 minutes per month free trial via Spectrum Free Trial-named service set. My bad if that's the one you're unable to connect to and haven't surpassed 30 minutes in the past month.

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