Episode does not record, even though it’s set to record series.


I have had spectrum streaming for the last three years. I have been unable to record a series, called RuPaul’s drag race on my Apple 4K for the last three years. Every other series on your platform is able to record, but for some reason this one show that I pay a premium price to watch is unable to record the series. I have to manually record Every single episode, every single week, even though it is set to “record the series / new episodes” and I am super frustrated because I don’t always have the time to record every single episode. I have called your customer service multiple times they have told me that I have it set properly and for some reason you guys can’t figure out how to give me what I’m paying for which is a premium streaming cable service. Please fix this!

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    Hi @KyleMarchand, welcome to our community!

    I'm sorry for the trouble with your cloud DVR, I can definitely see why it would be frustrating having to manually schedule every episode. Are you seeing the episodes appear on your scheduled list? Have you tried this on a different device?

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