How do I Select Subscribed Channels to Only Show in the Time Grid?

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My Cisco ODN guide died last night and I have the Spectrum 200 World Box. I did it before, and now I can't find it! How do I get the guide to show only "Subscribed Channels?" Thanks!


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  • HT_Greenfield
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    Hey Satch, there in the actual GUIDE of the Spectrum Guide UI, hit the options button on the remote to toggle up the guide options and then nav the top row over to the Guide Settings tab and then nav down to the Show Channels box and hit OK on the remote to toggle that from ALL to SUBSCRIBED.


  • jojodwolf
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    It's easy to get the guide just to show your channels but the huge problem with the software is the lack of ability to control changing of the channels and only show your channels and one step further to control exactly the channels you want to see. I don't ever need to see the shopping network. The ODN allowed full control

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    On a similar note, the guide on my old box showed all the channels (which is nice to able to see what programming are on the unsubscribed channels) but when channel surfing with the up/down would skipped the unsubscribed ones so we wouldn't change into an unsubscribed channel with the "add this channel" message.