How do I add Peacock to my tv?

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how do i add Peacock to my subscription


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    Hi & welcome!

    Peacock is subscription based app service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, and is separate from your Spectrum subscription. Here is a link to, which includes registration information and pricing.

    On a personal note, this is one of the subscription services I have, and I find it is both a good value and has a great selection of programming and a very stable app platform. I will add that it is not compatible with my Samsung Smart TV and I did need to get a Roku in order to watch the app on my TV, so you might want to make sure it will work on your devices as part of your research.

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    I need to cancel my Peacock subscription

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    Hi @tbrock, welcome to our community!

    We can't help with cancelling your subscription to Peacock, they are separate from us. You should be able to do so at

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