Try to watch live tv but Spectrum gives unusual activity and change password error code?

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Of course, Spectrum allows me to login to pay my bill ๐Ÿ˜‚ but not to watch live tv on a computer or tv even though I pay for it. This error code has caused me to change my password several times this year alone and it feels as if Spectrum just doesn't want to allow users to access their live TV option so they lock you out and force you to jump through hoops. Why does this error code continuously happen?

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  • James_M
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    Hi & welcome! Sorry for any issues with your password. Are you accessing on your home network or are you away from home? Accessing on multiple devices while away from home can trigger a security flag that requires a password change.


  • Frustrated5476
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    Same issue here when accessing away from home.

    I watch Spectrum TV frequently when away from home. For the past several months the system is requiring a password change every week or two. I have contacted Spectrum via email, chat, tech support phone line, etc several times in an attempt to resolve this annoying system requirement. Each time I am assured this is a "known issue with high priority" and will be resolved soon. Very frustrating as there is no resolution as yet