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I watch Spectrum TV frequently when away from home. For the past several months the system is requiring a password change every week or two. I have contacted Spectrum via email, chat, tech support phone line, etc several times in an attempt to resolve this annoying system requirement. Each time I am assured this is a "known issue with high priority" and will be resolved soon. Very frustrating as there is no resolution as yet.

Does anyone know a work around for this?

Thank you


  • William_M
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    Hi @Frustrated5476, welcome to our community!

    I definitely understand why having to frequently reset your password would be frustrating. It is due to a security feature which automatically flags logins from different IPs. There is no way to completely prevent it, you may be able to reduce the frequency by limiting use of Spectrum TV on networks you will only be on for a very short duration, and other consecutive logins while away from home.

  • Frustrated5476
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    Thank you for the response. However, limiting the use of something I pay for is not an attractive option. If Charter would implement more customer friendly security features (2FA for example) it would work better for your CUSTOMERS. Meanwhile, I have been testing out YouTube TV on a one month trial. No login issues from anywhere, better content, more channel choices with comparable cost. Perhaps its time to switch.