My website is being blocked by spectrum

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My website is being blocked by spectrum, no idea why. I have tried submitting and calling around to see why is it doing that. I get clients who message me saying they are blocked from ordering but if they take off there home wifi they have no issue ordering. This is greatly affecting my business because shopify told me 40 people got the same error this past weekend. Thats 40 potential clients getting that error.

This is my website I try to check it and each time i type the url there it just stays loading and nothing happens can somebody help me. The phone numbers im calling dont have a directory to speak to a human and the call eventually clicks.

Please help, i dont want to rebrand because of this im already succesfull in my business with my name.

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  • HT_Greenfield
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    I'm afraid you might need to get your webmeister to fix the two invalid third-party Shopify extensions URL's on your website and then, just for good measure, i'd get somebody who is a Spectrum internet subscriber with a Spectrum Advanced Home WiFi router running Security Shield to put in the request while connected to their aforementioned router and qualifying it with their Spectrum email address.

  • RAIST515O
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    Was able to get through to checkout screen just fine from my Spectrum here in South Carolina.

    I use my own equipment though... so not running whatever it is they put in their boxes.

  • catchtwentytwo
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    Virus Total shows some some Security Vendors have "flagged" the site. You probably should contact them.