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Did anyone else experience this? I had sling TV to stream my local channels. I was trying to save money since the internet bill keeps going up and there are no incentives for existing customers. I contacted spectrum and they told me that I could get everything that was on sling and save $20 a month. I agreed and cancelled sling and got spectrum TV. I then found out that I get 150 channels but no local. I called back and was told that I would have to pay additional. That would put me at $75 for spectrum TV plus the $95 for internet. If they would have explained that at first, I would have not done it. I don’t even watch much basic cable. I just wanted to be able to get local tv while out so I can stream races and local games.


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    Edit: Stupid comment: All i can figure is that if you'd rather have nothing but locals via cable provider, the closest you'd be able to come with Spectrum would be if you could get Spectrum TV Basic only, which would include all of the big-time locals as well as manifold others, topped off with a few non-locals like all three C-SPAN channels and a couple of shopping networks and not much else, all for dirt-cheap if do-able.