Why is my 1Gig service not giving me 1 Gig?

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I am very dissapointed in the 1 Gig service that you offer. I have never recieved the full 1 Gig service. I run the speed test often from the spectrum web site. I get anywhere from 300 mbps to about 800 mbps. I find this rediculous. I would not purchase a car and then expect to only get 3 of the 4 wheels. Can you explain why this seems to be OK with Spectrum. Also, before you say there are a lot of factors to consider and that the problem could be on my side, I have had 3 of your tech guys come to my house in the last year. They all said it is a problem on Spectrums side because you are having major issues upgrading your service. Also I have the latest Netgear Nighthawk 2.5 Gb/s Cable Modem with DOCSIS 3.1 So that is not the issue because your tech guys said my brand NEW modem exceeds all of spectrums requirements.


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    Hello @Pdaddy

    There are definitely a few things that can be going on, but we'd need some more information. I show that the last technician visit was in October. The tech noted that they were actively working on some issues during the overnight maintenances but that the upgrades were almost completed. Those network upgrades should be done by this point, so another technician visit to see what's going on currently might be needed. Are you seeing the slow speeds on a wired connection or are all of the devices wireless?

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    To be fair, the Spectrum site's speedtest was always a bit off for me.

    The newer design is a lot closer to real world results, but stil lags by 10% or more at times. Even the ookla tool in use at speedtest.net can often give a better result than at Spectrum's site.

    I find using ookla's command line based tool is more consistently a better result and also in line with the ookla tool built into my Asus router.

    Funny really... as all four of these are Ookla's tools, just hosted differently.

    But the consistently better results I get via the CLI tool and the Asus router's tool fall more in line with other observations--including but no limited to monitoring actual file transfers for my Win10 laptop, linux PC, Playstations, phones, as well as other testing tools/sites.