Why is casting so horrible with Spectrum router?

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I don't understand why this service is so horrendous. EVERY person I talk to has the same exact experience. UPnP is enabled, turned off all security features and still impossible to cast anything over this router. There are so many people with this same exact problem I don't understand why it's just not fixed.


  • RAIST515O
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    Not using ISP provided equipment (nor any Apple devices), but there have been mentions of various protocols in play specifically for Apple in the past that people had to toggle in more advanced settings under LAN/WAN, Firewall, etc.

    Specifics escape me, but can look for settings concerning things like Multicast, IGMP, SIP, different audio/video protocols like h.323 and such.

    Could see some settingsconcerning isolation for certain wireless tech too that may be worth a look as well (AP, Bluetooth, etc.) If you see something concerning advanced switch control/routing/NAT features like cut through forwarding, passthrough, or some other similar type of "bypass", could be something worth investigating--some may not be blocking something but determine if something is managed by hardware or software and may have an impact on performance/stability.