Problems with app


There are several problems I'm having with the Spectrum app:

1) When I turn on my Apple TV, the app shows a sign-in screen, even though the Apple settings have my user name and password and are set to automatically log in to the app. The screen disappears after a few seconds and the login proceeds (although sometimes I have to click on "Log in automatically"), but why should it show in the first place? I used it on Roku, and that version doesn't do that.

2) Most of the time it doesn't retain my startup channel choice. It reverts to the Spectrum News channel. Also, if I turn off the startup channel preference, it turns back on and again reverts to Spectrum News.

3) The guide won't stay sorted by channel number or filtered by my favorites.

I see other people have had the same problems. I've tried the usual fixes suggested: restarting the streaming box; deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing works. These seem to be bugs that Spectrum needs to fix.

Now some suggestions for further improving the app:

1) It would be nice to have the option to skip the home screen and go straight to live TV on startup.

2) In the guide, the "Favorite" symbol hides the channel number. It would be nice if it didn't.

3) I like the "Recently Watched" bar, but I wish each box showed the network name and channel number. It does on the Samsung version.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.