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My last bill was due 03/02/24. I sent you a text, telling you we are a single income family, just on Social Security. I explained that our Social Security checks come toward the end of each month. When I get paid, you get paid. Our first check was due on 03/20/24. How am I supposed to pay you , if my Social Security check has not come in yet. Why is it necessary to send me all these threatening letters about cutting off my service?

Thank you.

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    Good morning @shootist449 and welcome to the community!

    I'm sorry you're having trouble making your payments when due. The due date is based on when you start service and is the same each month. If the account becomes past due, where you have another statement generated before any payment is made, it can face suspension a few weeks later. Notices about your account status aren't intended to be threatening, but informative regarding actions pending for your account and what's needed to resolve it. If you need to explore any options with your service and pricing, you can give us a call at 855-707-7328. -Mo