How do I get my WAN IP Address changed?

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My WAN IP Address has been blacklisted by a few databases. I have no idea why. As such, I receive an "Access Denied" error message when attempting to access some websites via any device connected to my network. I requested via Spectrum Chat to have my public-facing WAN IP Address changed, and I was told the only way to change that address is to replace my cable modem. I activated the replacement modem, but my WAN IP Address did not change. I chatted with another agent today, and they think I need to work with my personal router manufacturer to change this address. However, best that I am able to tell, my WAN IP Address is administered by Spectrum. How do I get this changed?

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    I used to do it by power down overnight... leaving it off until I came home (so it would be somewhere between 12 and 18 hours)

    Basically, trying to force a lease expiration/renewal.

    Whether that still works or not depends on how Spectrum is managing the lease renewals now.