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I’ve been trying for about a week to connect my internet. I’ve tried the only cable outlet built into the wall with the cords provided, I’ve tried the two different black cords that had been placed for spectrum service in the past. Nothing is connecting. I chose this route because I have a fearful dog who is making progress, but I don’t want some stranger coming in and ruining all of our hard work by making her feel unsafe in her home. Is there a possibility that one of the other two units in my building had been set up for the internet service instead of my own? Or I had seen another post about a MAC address was in the “notes” section of their account and not the proper MAC address field? Because if I can’t get the internet to work without someone coming into my home, I don’t want internet at all and will be returning all of the equipment and not paying for any of this.

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    Good evening @Msikorski91 and Welcome to our Community Forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us. I was able to locate your account with your registration information. I am seeing that you have already spoken with our service team. By chance did we provide you with any troubleshooting suggestion. With our self install option, if you are unable to get the services working we will generally need to schedule a technician to investigate this further for you. We do offer evening and weekend appointments in most areas so you can make arrangements to meet with us. -Lyn


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    It’s not timing that’s an issue, it’s that I’m not allowing strangers into my dogs only safe space and ruin the progress we’ve made. So I guess I’m returning the equipment and expect to not be charged for anything since I’m unable to receive any sort of services.

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    I understand. All charges should be able to be reversed due to our 30 day money back guarantee.

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    May not be inside your house...the external uplink that feeds your building my need to be reconnected or otherwise serviced.

    So they may not need to come into the house, but get into the junction box on your outer wall or somewhere close by.

    A fairly common layout is a single feed may run to a small junction on the street or at the end of a condo/apt. style building that breaks out to multiple lines. Each of those then runs to a demarcation point at each residence-may be a small junction box on an outer wall, or it may actually run through the outer wall into a utility room or something.

    Their techs work in different limited scopes. One type may basically only work on the customer premises equipment (IE, they may not be able to tinker with an upstream junction box, only the one directly linked to your home).

    So, basically, if they do not get proper signal quality at the outside demarcation point, it may get escalated to another team that works upstream from there with them never setting foot in your home.

    In the short term, if you are so inclined and can identify where that cabling is entering your home, you may be able to check at last one potential uplink issue by verifying that external feed is connected to the wiring in your building. The coaxial cable and connectors will be near identical to what you see inside.