CableCard Problem.

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My CableCard system seems to be stuck in a firmware update that never completes and none of its tuners can resolve any channel according to its diagnostics. The Tuning Adapter is operational and locked. I have tried reseating and restarting with no changes. I do not see anything more that I can do on my end. Is this finally the end of CableCard, or is there anyone left who can help me with this?


Jim Schroff

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  • Renee_T
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    We do still have a team helping with CableCard. They don't have a direct number, but if you call our 855-707-7328 number, our video team can make sure you get someone who knows the CableCard system.


  • twcsa4jim
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    Thank you. I will call in and hope for the best. I really do not want to give up on the Media Center infrastructure and flexibility it offers through its extenders. I have Roku devices but as tuners their lack of Pause, Rewind, etc. leave a bit to be desired.

    Thanks again

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    Best of luck. I received a letter that Spectrum is phasing out cable cards and they will no longer function after a certain time.