Rewind, fast forwarding and pausing TV using cloud DVR


We have two other properties that use a cloud DVR, one is TDS in Colorado and the other is Comcast (or Xfinity as their service is called) in Washington DC. They both offer the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward LIVE TV. Also rather than a time line only feature for recordings, they do show images of the shows so that you can know when you are at the end of a commercial. Xfinity also allows you to skip commercials automatically when you fast forward. So this is not a new technology. The Xumo box should be able to do this and I am disappointed that Spectrum went with it because it cannot. Either they should fix it with software or indeed with new hardware.



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    Hi @DonG1901, welcome to our community!

    You can use those features with Cloud DVR through Spectrum, but you need to start and then view an in progress recording. I'll be happy to forward feedback about not having to do that, sorry for the inconvenience.