How to do a partial cancelation?

easivf Posts: 1 Spectator

I would like to cancel my wi fii and internet but keep my phone lines

How can i do that or call



  • Satch
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    Good Evening,

    I am not sure on this, but I believe that Spectrum Voice (Spectrum Landline) requires Spectrum Internet/Spectrum's Modem/WIFI to be able to work.

    Spectrum Voice uses Spectrum Internet Technology for its phone service. Everything is inter-connected.


  • William_M
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    Hi @easivf, welcome to our community!

    You can remove Internet+WiFi and keep home phone service, you still need to keep a Spectrum modem but not other services through it. Unfortunately we cannot process any service changes here, so please call 1-855-707-7328​​​ if you would like to do that.

    If you are referring to Spectrum Mobile, a modem is not necessary but if you cancel internet your mobile rate will increase by $20 per line due to loss of a bundle discount automatically provided to our internet customers.

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