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Internet is out for the 3rd time in the last 5 days. I'm getting tired of paying for this so called 'reliable' service, but there's really nobody else to use. First two times I was given a bill credit of $7 and $3. This doesn't seem adequate when the outages are affecting my kids homeschooling and my husband's job working from home.

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    Good morning @Leeyahro and welcome to the community!

    I'm sorry you've been having issues with our service in your area. For identified service interruptions, credit can be provided for an issue lasting more than four hours. Any credit is based on the amount you pay monthly and the total time without service and would not include any outside factors such as costs for other service used or loss of income. You can contact us at 855-707-7328​​​​​​ to enroll in an automatic credit process during a service interruption, which will automatically review the account and apply any qualifying credit once an issue is resolved, or contact afterwards and request a review for any credit available that can be applied manually for issues longer than 4 hours. Since you mentioned working at home as well as homeschooling, we do offer a wireless internet backup option with our business service that maintains a cellular based internet connection if the primary service is interrupted. -Mo


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    Have you arranged for a tech visit to check lines/equipment yet?

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    No but I need equipment checked and fixed as I am losing to much down time from work. The IT is starting to get irritated trying to fix the same problem. Please have someone come and get this system fixed. I changed over to the new system and having the same old problems.

    Maybe I need to try another company if this issue can't be resolved.

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    Looks like you have a service call scheduled already. If you still need help after the technician visits, please start a new post.


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