How do I delete a series from the DVR list?

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If the series is no longer aired, how do you delete the series? There is no delete button? You can only move series up or down. If there are upcoming recordings you can delete them. Am I missing something? Please help! Thank you.

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    Hello @Mrscarrie and welcome to our community!

    To cancel an entire series from recording on a Spectrum guide box, go to the Scheduled-recordings section of your My DVR and select the program you want to cancel. Using the arrow keys, scroll to View Series Info, select Manage Recordings, then select Cancel Recording and follow the prompt to confirm.


  • Mrscarrie
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    The series are not in the scheduled section because the series have been cancelled. How do I get them off the list where it says series priority?

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    All i can figure is that you need either an actual recorded or scheduled episode to go on in order to change series recording settings in the same way you need a scheduled one to go on in order to set them in the first place. Otherwise i guess the appearance in the priority list implies that the series is still guide-listed and the only way you can avert the next new episode, whether that be next season or a surprise bonus episode this season, from recording is to wait for it to roll into the schedule and hit it. Once a series is literally cancelled and ultimately expunged from the guide, the recording settings and priority appearance would hopefully disappear by and by.

    I doubt if even the REC (record) button would elicit recording settings upon a series in the priority list of a DVR running the Spectrum Guide software, but you could always try that just for kicks.

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    There is a catch,

    Spectrum Guide expands scheduling information for up to two weeks, This means the following:

    1.) A series must be in the program guide database for it to be recorded .

    2.) A series must also be in the program guide database for it to be cancelled. (This second requirement is only on boxes using the Spectrum Guide software.) On the older guides, you could cancel a series to record regardless of whether the database had listings for it, or not.

    My suggestion is to watch your playback episodes and don't worry about the cancelled series in the list if you can't delete it because the series is done for the season or cancelled. The series, if there are no recordings to be found, won't take up DVR space or influence DVR recordings in any way if it is a done series.

    If more than a year has passed and the series is not doing any more episodes, the Series listing should be removed from the Series Recordings list. If the series has been renewed, your DVR should remember to record the new season episodes when the new season of the series begins.