On Spectrum Guide World Boxes, a Few SD Channels Have Cropped Off Closed-Captionings.

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Good Afternoon,

With regards to this, on some SD channels running the Spectrum Guide on World Boxes (no clocks.) Closed-Captioning letter is cropped off where the the very bottom of the letters does not show correctly. I have seen this on some SD channels such as Catchy Comedy, Flix. and Me TV.

On these channels, it appears that the aspect ratio has been modified by the station from its original 4x3 SD format and the tips of the captioning letters are cut off. However, not all SD channels do this, and there are absolutely no issues at all with any HD channel content, which is about 95% of Spectrum's TV content anyway, so it's not a bug that is going to be noticeable, unless you are watching closed captioning on one of the small number of SD stations affected by this and have captioning on in the first place. ODN guides never had this issue. Yes, rebooted and reset closed-captioning, no change.