Why are the sites that I manage through Wix being blocked by Spectrum users?

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I have a valid SSL. All NS, A Records and IP addresses are correct. We have contacted support a number of times and still cannot get this issue resolved. They are telling us that we have to have our customers reset their browser/cookies, etc. We have 18,000 people who visited our site (OR TRY TO VISIT OUR SITE). How do we communicate that with them? We are about to kick off our ad campaign with Spectrum for our upcoming event that directs people to the website. Do we have to pull that ad? Please let us know what we should do!

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    Good morning & welcome to the community @joshlieberman24!

    If a site is being blocked by the security shield feature, you can check for and request an unblock here. Based on your account notes, the site mentioned did not appear to be blocked however and was accessible in testing. If another site is being blocked by security shield and isn't eligible to be unblocked, the customer would need to disable that feature within their router settings. Are you getting a specific error message? -Mo