Lip sync issue between xumo box and tv

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I have tried 2 different hdmi cables and switching hdmi ports on tv. Always works for a while and then lip sync issue presents itself. The temporary fix is to unplug the hdmi cable and then plug back in again. Any ideas? I’m leaning towards it being the xumo box because switching cables and switching hdmi ports on tv has not fixed it.

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    Good morning @Norm12 and welcome.

    Are you having this issue on multiple devices, or just one? Have you rebooted the internet equipment providing the connection to the Xumo? You can reboot the modem by removing the power and coax cable for at least 60 seconds, and if you have a router connected, can remove the power from that as well. -Mo


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    I have 3 Tvs, 3 devices but only one with this issue. Called Charter Spectrum and did the reset plus did all the trouble shooting tips they had in a link sent to me by email. Am returning the xumo box for a different one.