How do I get a service technician to come help

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I need a service technician to come and make sure I did my upgrade equipment installation properly. I also have the old equipment that says I'm still connected to it and not the new one, the old equipment is not even plugged in?.

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    Welcome Nanny,

    If the functionality of the new equipment, which I assume is a cable box or DVR is working properly, you have nothing to worry about. It is normal to go online and see old equipment still online after a tech has been there to swap or upgrade equipment. Online recognition of new equipment/service changes can take between 48-72 hours to activate with the servers online. After that time limit has expired, you will be able to go online and see your equipment remotely,

    If the new equipment is not working properly in your home, that's another story, and would require calling Spectrum, or activating the equipment online through "My Account."



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    Our cable tv is freezing and pixilates. I have rebooted and unplugged the cable box. Still the same error. pls can we organize for a technician to come to our address.

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    Hello @wilsons6

    For your safety I have edited your post to remove your address as it was visible to the general public. I looked up the account and it looks like we had been trying to contact you to schedule a proactive maintenance appointment since there were some signal issues that were noticed. These appointments can be set up by calling 833-778-2754 or through our website or My Spectrum App. You would need to be home as the technician may need access to the home to verify that the maintenance resolved the issues.

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